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Comparison of advantages of large-scale building glass roof sunshade products

Date: 2020-11-20 Author: Zhibo From: Zhibo website View: 668

      Large-scale building daylighting roofs generally can be set from the outside of the daylighting roof and the inner side of the sun is set in two ways, referred to as internal sunshade and external sunshade. According to the sun-shading engineering experience of daylighting roofs that we have done over the years, the editor counts the four most commonly used sunshade products for large-scale daylighting roofs. Inner sunshade: electric sunshade shade (FTS/FCS/FSS sunshade), and outer sunshade: outdoor sunshade. Today we will make a comparison in terms of cost budget, installation and maintenance, and shading effect.

Cost budget

In the case of a single set of the same size, because the outdoor canopy is installed outdoors and requires high system materials, the material cost is higher than that of the indoor canopy curtain; the FTS material cost is the highest in the indoor canopy curtain, FSS and FCS are two It's almost the same. However, the outdoor canopy installation does not need to be erected and the finished products are shipped and installed conveniently. The FTS system can achieve a single set area of 50 square meters (span up to 20 meters), FSS system 20 square meters (maximum span 8 meters) and FCS system about 35 square meters. Therefore, the cost of a daylighting roof cannot be determined solely by the selected product, but also the distribution and installation environment and other comprehensive factors.

Installation and maintenance

Shopping malls, exhibition halls, public buildings and other large glass skylights generally have a high vertical height. The installation and maintenance of indoor electric ceiling curtains requires erection operations. There are many problems such as high erection costs, difficult installation, difficult post-maintenance, and poor safety. The outdoor canopy perfectly avoids these problems. Especially for an already operating production facility, the installation advantage of outdoor canopy is obviously greater than that of indoor canopy.

Shading effect

The sunshade and heat insulation effect of the inner sunshade is far inferior to that of the outer sunshade, and there is no obvious difference between the indoor electric ceiling curtain and FTS/FCS/FSS ceiling curtain.

Thermal insulation effect diagram of outdoor sunshade products

The beautiful aspect of interior decoration

The outdoor sunshade product outdoor canopy will not have any effect on the interior decoration. FSS and FTS are rolled-up when the fabric is in a flat and stretched state. The retracted fabric is rolled on the roll tube and has good concealment, while FCS is a folding ceiling curtain. Evenly wavy, the retractable fabric is folded together, so FTS and FSS are more smooth and beautiful than FCS ceiling curtains.

In general, the selection and design of sunshade products should be determined according to the exterior and exterior decoration, pattern, and sunshade requirements of the building, and of course it is also determined by personal preference. However, professional design schemes, excellent product quality and perfect craftsmanship are essential elements for electric sunshades of modern building daylighting roofs. Therefore, it is very important to choose a manufacturer that provides full-process pre-sales and after-sales services.

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