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Go ahead in 2020, be grateful to have you all the way

Date: 2020-11-17 Author: Zhibo From: Zhibo website View: 627

On November 14th, in the beautiful ancient city of Shaoxing (Sands Oriental Hotel), Hunan Zhibo Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., Sunshade Mall and Zhejiang Xinlianxin Sunshade Technology Co., Ltd. jointly held the 6th Global Sunshade of "Moving Forward 2020". At the Carnival, hundreds of industry leaders and business leaders gathered together to express gratitude for the times, forge ahead, and jointly grasp the pulse of the sustainable development of China's sunshade market.


The "Sunshade Carnival", which has been successfully held for six consecutive years, has become an annual IP focusing on the sustainable development of the sunshade market, and has always attracted the attention of sunshade manufacturers and industry experts. Guests at the meeting talked freely about the development trend of the sunshade industry, conducted in-depth exchanges around national policies, industry norms, and the new development pattern in the post-epidemic era, discussed hotspots and difficult issues that the industry paid attention to, and shared experience and insights in the development of sunshade products. Promote the development of the industry and work together.

  Tang Zhijiao, general manager of Hunan Zhibo Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. reviewed the company’s development at the meeting and shared with everyone the story behind the Zhibo brand. Since its inception, Hunan Zhibo has grown from a single product sales to today’s development and design of sunshade products. A comprehensive industry integrating precision manufacturing, installation and construction, and after-sales service. All of this is inseparable from the cooperation and assistance of partners and the trust of customers in the Zhibo brand. In the future, Zhibo will continue to cooperate sincerely with partners to provide customers with better products and services. At the meeting, Mr. Tang focused on introducing the company's superior products and released a number of new products.

The new products of Zhibo in the product display area attracted the attention of all parties, and the scene was extremely popular.


The atmosphere of the whole event was lively and the climax was repeated. The dinner after the meeting, the program was wonderful, the form of songs, dances, audio and video shows and other programs made people overwhelmed, applause, cheers from time to time rippling in the dinner venue.


Affected by the epidemic, the situation at the beginning of 2020 is not optimistic, but the pressure and challenges will not only start in 2020. Only by working hard can we overcome the "rapid beach" of dreams. President Xi Jinping said in his 2019 New Year's message: "We are all working hard, we are all dream-catchers." Journey, let us continue to work hard, drive hard, and embrace great dreams with hard work. In the future, let us continue to trust each other and start together!



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