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Star Hotels

Star Hotels

With the widespread use of electric window decorations, under the groundbreaking design of designers, star hotel curtains are no longer simply stuck to traditional hand-drawn curtains. More and more hotel curtains use electric window decorations.

Star-rated hotels not only have exquisite and elegant decoration and meticulous service, but also pay great attention to the use of natural light to create a perfect and comfortable atmosphere. The electric window decoration and intelligent sunshade system is such a "senior housekeeper" who creates the atmosphere of the hotel. It can adjust the softness and privacy of the light according to the needs of the guests, and adjust the temperature and comfort with the air conditioning system to bring the guests Warm and noble visual enjoyment. In the past two years, the electrification of window decorations has become a standard configuration of international five-star hotels to meet the needs of guests for comfort.

Hotel window shade products need to choose suitable products according to different areas:

1. Hotel lobby

Roller blinds, Roman blinds

2. Hotel restaurant

Roller blinds, Roman blinds, soft gauze blinds

3. Hotel rooms

Fabric curtains, Roman rods

4. hotel bathroom partition

Roller blinds, dimming glass, venetian blinds

5. Hotel public area

Roller blinds, Roman blinds, soft gauze blinds

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