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Office building

Office building

Today in society, more time is spent in the workplace than at home. At present, most buildings still use the traditional manual control method of curtains. Office electric curtains show strong advantages. The flexible switching of manual and automatic control modes can not only meet the shading needs of modern buildings, but also make full use of shading to save energy. , Making the building more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

Commonly used sun shading schemes in offices are electric roller blinds, electric opening and closing blinds, venetian blinds, etc., and various sunshade products have their own characteristics.

1. Indoor shading scheme

Roller blinds are the most widely used products in office sunshade products, and they are cost-effective. Roller blinds are neat and concise, which are in line with the serious, efficient and rigorous office atmosphere of the office. Manual roller blinds are widely used in office shading at a relatively cheap price. However, in many high-end offices, or large glass windows, manual roller blinds cannot meet their office grade and control needs. Electric roller blinds are a better solution. Electric roller blinds are easy to operate and can cater to the high-end atmosphere of the office. It is one of the high-quality solutions for modern high-end office shading.

Electric opening and closing curtains are sun-shading curtains that are widely used in the home furnishing field. Electric opening and closing curtains are mostly used in meeting rooms, reflecting the dual elements of tradition and modernity. It is generous, soft, high-end, elegant, and easy to clean. It is more suitable for traditional enterprises or government institutions.

The venetian blinds are divided into manual and electric control. At the same time, venetian blinds of different sizes and materials can be selected according to the needs of the office. The main feature of venetian blinds is its fine and flexible sun-shading dimming and ventilation effect, highlighting the high-end, fashionable and international office atmosphere, and it is the main choice for foreign companies and large-scale private enterprises.

2. Outdoor shading scheme

Many modern office buildings have large-area glass curtain walls. Considering the shading effect and overall control, as well as the aesthetic effect, office buildings often consider integrated external shading systems for shading and heat insulation, such as shuttle / flap shutters are often used For shading outside the office building, you can also consider supporting the use of the office building intelligent control system to realize the intelligent control of the building.

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