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Commercial plazas and large shopping malls in modern society are often service, display, leisure, and cultural space environments. As a densely crowded space, the openness and light permeability of the space must be quite high in order to prevent people from feeling crowded and bored, so that customers can fully appreciate the atmosphere of leisure and entertainment. To obtain good openness, transparency and daylighting, it is necessary to set more transparent windows and set up a glass roof on the top to improve the previously dull building indoor environment and give people a spacious, bright and comfortable experience.

The large-area glass and daylighting roof bring natural daylight, but also bring about the problems of excessive sunlight, too much indoor light, and high temperature, which greatly reduces the comfort of the mall. Therefore, sun-shading products must be matched to ensure the comfort of light and temperature in the mall and save energy consumption of air-conditioning.

1. The glass roof shading scheme on the top of the mall

Glass roofs in shopping malls generally adopt two forms of indoor shading and outdoor shading. Compared with indoor shading, outdoor shading is better.

Electric ceiling curtains are mainly used for indoor shading in shopping malls. Electric ceiling blinds are a common form of sun shading for daylighting roofs. They are mainly divided into scroll type and folding type. There is no obvious difference in the shading effect of the two types of ceiling curtains, but from the aesthetic point of view, the scroll type ceiling curtain is flatter than the folding type. Beautiful, so it has the most applications.

The main outdoor sunshade products for shopping malls are outdoor canopies. Outdoor canopy is a uniquely designed and fashionable sun-shading system. It is different from traditional canopies. The single set of the system has a large area, stable operation and long service life. It is very suitable for all kinds of glass sun roofs, daylighting roofs, atriums, patios and other places for shading. It is currently the most widely used glass roof outer sunshade product.

2. The sun-shading and fire-fighting control scheme of the windows on the facade of the shopping mall

Store windows generally choose electric roller blinds for shading and heat insulation. The electric roller blind can be controlled by one-button remote control and intelligent control. It is convenient to open and close, and the electric roller blind has a simple and generous decoration effect, which is very suitable for shopping malls.

At the same time, the facade windows are inconvenient to open and close due to high windows, so they are generally equipped with electric window opening systems.

The electric window opening system can realize automatic control of window opening and closing. It can also achieve fire control to meet the fire protection requirements of shopping malls.

Three, shopping mall advertising banner lifting mechanism

Shopping malls often need to hang advertising banners in eye-catching locations during the opening and marketing of shopping malls, but changing the banners is a very headache. Zhibo electric advertising lifting point lifting mechanism (ie electric advertising hook) can easily help you solve the problem of advertising banner lifting. The remote control in your hand can help you lower the unreachable aerial hook and smoothly descend to the ideal position you need, and easily and quickly replace the ribbons, banners or decorations in the air.

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