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Public building

public building

Most of the public buildings, as landmarks of cities, play an exemplary role for the entire construction industry, and often represent domestic and even international advanced levels in terms of architectural form and function. In recent years, the energy conservation and ecology of buildings have received extensive attention and attention from all walks of life. Green buildings and energy-saving buildings have become the development trend and architectural model of modern buildings. Public buildings should be the pioneers of energy-saving and ecological building design concepts and are the first to be applied. Various building energy-saving designs and facilities.

Public buildings mainly include office, commerce, tourism, science, education, culture, health, communications, transportation and other types of buildings. In most public buildings, in addition to windows on the facades, glass roof structures are often used on the top of the building, which makes use of natural light to a large extent. However, at the same time, adjustable building sunshade products must be used together to achieve the effect of building energy saving and creating a comfortable indoor light and heat environment.

Top shading of public buildings-

If you choose to shade outside the roof of public buildings, it is recommended to use a dual-motor outdoor canopy. The dual-motor outdoor canopy has good shading and heat insulation effects, which is more conducive to building energy saving and maintaining a comfortable light and heat environment. The most popular public building sunshade products, the usage rate is very high.

If you choose to make the sunshade inside, you can choose the electric ceiling curtain, the indoor sunshade product of the daylight roof, which has a good shading effect, and the overall effect is neat and generous, and the decorative effect is good. In addition, the European-style shutters are simple in appearance, can fully reflect the modern architectural style, and the utilization rate is also high.

Public building facade shading-

The glass facades of public buildings are generally large in area and height. Manual sunshade products cannot meet the needs of convenient operation, and electric window covering sunshade products need to be used for sunshading.

Electric roller blinds and electric venetian blinds should be used for sun shading in the glass curtain wall. Electric roller blinds have good dimming effect, the overall is simple and clean, giving people a more simple and efficient impression, and is more suitable for the overall architectural atmosphere of public buildings. . Electric venetian blinds can be more finely controlled for sun shading and dimming, and the overall decorative effect is more international, and it is also a sun-shading product favored by many public buildings.

If public buildings shading outside the building, it is recommended to use fusiform louvers. The fusiform louvers have good shading and heat insulation effects, and can finely adjust the amount of light entering the room, which is relatively more conducive to building energy conservation and maintaining comfortable light. Thermal environment.

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