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Real estate

Real estate

Building energy efficiency is the current development direction of social real estate housing, and housing with low energy consumption and high comfort has received widespread attention. In order to create green and energy-saving buildings, after Jiangsu Province implemented the strengthening of building energy-saving doors and windows and external shading application management documents, similar measures have been implemented in many parts of the country, and building energy-saving has received more and more attention.

Residential building exterior shading products can adjust indoor lighting, adjust temperature, reduce building energy consumption, and improve indoor comfort. At present, the most widely used external sun-shading products on the market mainly include: external sun-shading roller blinds, fabric outer sun-shading roller blinds, aluminum alloy venetian blinds and so on.

Outer sun-shading roller shutters can be seen in many construction facilities at present, and they have good mechanical strength, heat and sound insulation effects, and good wind resistance. It is mainly used for a series of comprehensive performances other than the shading function on the windows of residential buildings: shading, sound insulation, heat preservation, anti-theft, blocking the line of sight, wind and rain, etc.

When the outer shading fabric roller blind is used for the outer shading of residential buildings, it can effectively enhance the effect of the facade, which not only has the shading effect, but also has good permeability and weather resistance. The color of the product fabric can be selected according to the color sample, with good shading performance. The outer shade fabric roller blind is suitable for low-rise or middle-low-rise residential buildings.

Outdoor aluminum alloy venetian blind blades are produced with special aluminum alloy combined with anti-corrosion glazed paint process, which can be manually or electrically controlled. Outdoor venetian blinds have superior dimming performance and better heat insulation effect. At the same time, the product is beautiful and easy to open and close. It is a building and residential outdoor shading product that integrates shading and architectural decoration.

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