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With the development of technology and the continuous improvement of people’s living and working conditions, smart homes have developed rapidly. People are gradually integrating various technological forces of automation and intelligence into their daily home life. Electric curtains are one of them. Representative, it is more and more accepted and widely used.

1. Electric opening and closing curtains, electric lifting opening and closing curtains

The electric fabric curtain is an upgraded product of the manual fabric curtain. The electric curtain system can not only solve a series of problems caused by sunlight radiation, heat, and glare. At the same time, the electric curtain is also generous, soft, high-end, elegant and easy. Features such as cleaning are the most common in daily life, and are often used to shade windows in bedrooms and living rooms.

The electric lifting curtain is composed of two mechanisms. They are the lifting mechanism and the curtain opening and closing mechanism. The lifting movement of the electric opening and closing is realized through the operation of the motor. It is a high-quality product. The biggest feature of the system is suitable for comparison. For tall curtains, you can easily replace and clean the curtain cloth. It is suitable for the shading of villas and duplex high windows.

2. Electric roller shutter

The electric roller shutter is a kind of electric roller shutter mechanism powered by a tubular motor. Its operation only needs to flip the power switch, easy to operate, quiet and stable, and it is an upgraded product of manual roller blinds. Electric roller blinds are neat and concise. They can also be fully shaded, and are suitable for home dining restaurants and balcony shades.

3. Electric blinds

Electric venetian blinds are a system composed of aluminum alloy venetian blinds. The venetian blinds can be arbitrarily adjusted while being retracted as a whole, which can protect privacy and provide clever ventilation. The venetian blinds are simple and neat, which are more suitable for simple study rooms. At the same time, they also have the function of waterproof and anticorrosion, which can be used in toilets, kitchens and other places.

4. the sun room indoor sunshade or outdoor sunshade canopy

Sunrooms with glass structures built on open-air balconies or roofs are now becoming more and more popular in home decoration. The sun room needs to be equipped with complete shading equipment in use to maintain normal use in summer. There are many types of sun room sunshade products. Choosing high-quality sunshade products can not only achieve the effect of sunshade and heat insulation, but also enhance the beauty of the sun room.

Electric ceiling curtains are installed in the sun room and are currently used in many shade products. However, because the internal shading system is installed indoors, sunlight directly shines on the glass of the sun room. Although the sunshade curtain can block part of the radiation, most of the heat is still diffused indoors, forming a high-temperature environment, and the heat insulation effect is not good. Therefore, if your house’s sun room is not very large and not exposed to the sun, and does not require high heat insulation, you can choose an electric ceiling curtain. At present, the commonly used ceiling curtain products are mainly divided into four types: FCS ceiling curtains, double-track ceiling curtains, FSS ceiling curtains, and FTS ceiling curtains.

Outdoor canopy is mainly divided into fabric canopy and metal canopy. It is an electric shading system installed on the outside of glass. It is used for home sun room shading and balcony shading. Outdoor canopy installed outdoors can directly separate solar radiation on the outer glass layer, which has more energy-saving effects. superior. So you don’t have to worry about the balcony or the sun room being too hot to use in the hot summer. Especially for metal sky curtains, the system uses aluminum alloy curtains for sun shading, and the heat insulation effect is very obvious. It has a beautiful and generous appearance, and its excellent shading and heat insulation effect can be called an outdoor shading artifact!

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