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How to sun and heat the sun room

Date: 2021-04-19 Author: admin From: 智博官网 View: 44

The spacious and bright sun room, after working at home, nothing to chat, drink tea, how leisurely and comfortable, how free!

However, in the scorching summer, the sun is scorching, and the problem of heat insulation and sun protection in the sun room also follows. Especially when the scorching sun at noon, the outside is more than 30 degrees, the indoor is more than 50 degrees, the sun is dazzling outside, and the sun is dazzling inside. How do we cool down our sun room in summer?

1. Install air conditioning and refrigeration

Installing an air conditioner is the most direct and effective way, but if the sun room is not shaded, the temperature in the sun room is too high, and the air conditioner needs to work for a long time. Not only does it cost a lot of electricity, but long-term exposure to the air conditioner also affects the human body. It is recommended to cooperate with lower temperature and heat insulation measures to achieve the effect of energy saving and electricity saving.

2. Install an electric sunroof system to improve the ventilation effect of the sun room

During the construction of the sun room, reserve the position of the skylight and install the electric skylight equipment to improve the ventilation effect of the sun room. The electric sunroof can not only quickly exhaust hot air in summer, but also introduce fresh air to achieve good air circulation.

3. External upgrade, install sunshade

Sun shade is the most common and most convenient method of sun shade and heat insulation. It can effectively block ultraviolet rays and heat. Outdoor electric shade curtains can block more than 80% of direct sunlight, reduce air conditioning energy consumption, and maintain indoor heat when the temperature drops. Will not be lost, keep the temperature. As shown in the picture below, Hunan Zhibo outdoor canopy can not only be controlled by remote control, but also can add smart modules to make the sun shade more intelligent.


The hot summer is coming, it's time to add sun shades to your sun room! Hunan Zhibo Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. has been focusing on indoor and outdoor electric shading for more than ten years, and can provide the best shading solutions according to different building roofs and customer shading needs.

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