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Reasons and solutions for the failure of the electric advertising hook to operat

Date: 2020-09-24 Author: Zhibo From: Zhibo website View: 436

During the use of the electric advertising hook, it is inevitable that there will be failures. Maintaining the safe operation of the advertising hook and handling various faults in the operation in time is an important part of the use of the hook. Combined with installation and maintenance experience, the editor of Hunan Zhibo summarized the causes and solutions of some common failures of advertising hooks as follows:

(1) No power: Whether the power supply system is powering the advertising hook power supply, generally use a test pencil to test, if there is no power, wait until the power is turned on before working;

(2) Lack of phase: the main and control circuits of the advertising hook are damaged, the circuit is disconnected or the contact is poor, and the motor cannot be energized. In this case, the main and control circuits need to be repaired, and the control circuits and circuits should be inspected and analyzed. Working conditions, repair or replace the faulty electrical appliances or circuits, and re-test after confirming that the main and control circuits are not faulty;

(3) The voltage is too low: the voltage of the motor terminal of the advertising hook is more than 10% lower than the rated voltage, and the starting torque of the motor is too small, so that the hook cannot lift the goods and cannot work. When checking, use a multimeter or a voltmeter. When measuring the voltage at the input terminal of the motor, if the voltage is too low and the motor cannot be started, wait for the system voltage to return to normal before using it.

(4) Sometimes the power supply and voltage of the motor are normal, but the hook does not work, so other reasons need to be considered: for example: the motor is burned and the motor needs to be replaced during maintenance; the hook is not used for a long time, poor maintenance and other reasons make the brake wheel The end cap is rusty, the brake wheel cannot be disengaged when starting, the motor only makes a "hum" sound, it can't rotate, and the hook can't work. At this time, the brake wheel should be removed, the rusty surface should be cleaned, and then the test run again; the motor will be severely swept, and the motor will not rotate. If this situation is found, the motor should be stopped, and the motor must be overhauled or replaced to ensure the hook normal work. In addition, it is strictly forbidden to use advertising hooks for overloading during production. When the goods are overloaded and the goods cannot be lifted, the motor will only make a "hum" sound and will not operate. In severe cases, the motor will be burnt and even cause an accident. In this case, it should be shut down immediately. Lighten the cargo and make the hoist work under the rated power.

(5) Damage to the remote control: In addition to mechanical problems, damage to the remote control will also cause the ground hook to fail to operate normally, so don't forget to check whether the remote control is intact and whether the battery is charged.

 In view of the failure of the electric advertising hook to work, in addition to the above, the corresponding daily maintenance is also very important. In addition, if there is a problem with the hook, the maintenance must follow the product manual or operate under the guidance of a professional manufacturer to avoid damage to the machine or cause an accident. For any questions about electric advertising hooks, you can contact Hunan Zhibo. We will provide you with high-quality solutions, so you have no worries.

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