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Zhibo outdoor canopy has blossomed all over the country, where is its advantage

Date: 2020-09-28 Author: Zhibo From: Zhibo website View: 766

  In recent years, Zhibo dual-motor fabric canopy has blossomed all over the country and has become more and more popular. What are its unusual advantages that allow it to be widely used? Today I will take you to understand it.

  Zhibo dual-motor fabric canopy is an exterior shading product suitable for all kinds of sun rooms and glass roofs. The effect of heat insulation and energy saving is far better than that of various indoor shading products. The product structure design is precise, the skeleton is compact and smooth, the appearance lines are simple and smooth, the wind resistance is strong and the installation is convenient.

  The system uses the FTS mechanism, and the dual-motor operation ensures sufficient fabric tension. When the mechanism runs to any position, the fabric is under tension and has strong wind resistance. In order to cope with the ultra-wide (single set of more than 3 meters wide) shading places, Zhibo is equipped with a 5.0-wide outdoor special fabric, the fabric does not need to be welded, is not easy to fade, and is beautiful and has a long life.

System components

  In addition to the conventional rectangular shape, the Zhibo dual-motor canopy system can also be made into various special shapes such as arc, isosceles, trapezoid, and right angles. The system is a finished product and does not need to be debugged on site, so it is easy to install. The length of the system can be up to 15 meters.

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