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How to extend the service life of electric advertising hooks

Date: 2020-09-16 Author: Zhibo From: Zhibo website View: 454

Everything has its own life, and daily maintenance determines its health and the length of life. For advertising hooks, the healthier the machine, the longer the service life, so do not underestimate the trivial matter of maintenance. How can we extend the service life of advertising hooks? Today, the editor of Hunan Zhibo provides you with the following measures, hoping to help you:

1. The installation location of the advertising hook should be clean and tidy, in a dry and ventilated environment, and avoid dampness or direct sunlight. If the air is humid, it is easy to corrode the hook accessories and shorten their service life.

2. Before use, check whether the various parts of the advertising hook are loose or worn, and do a no-load test to test whether the wire rope is stuck or entangled to avoid accidents.

 3. Don't overload the use of advertising hooks. Different types of hooks have clear specifications, including load-bearing capacity, head, etc. The user must not exceed the rated load of the hook during use, so as not to damage the hook components and reduce the service life.

 Only by doing well in place, checking and maintaining frequently, can we ensure the use efficiency of the advertising hook and prolong the service life, and obtain more economic benefits.

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