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Motorized curtains are one of the products used for sunshading and heat insulation of glass roofs, and there are many different types.


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The application of transparent glass to modern buildings has become a trend, but it also brings about the problem of how to shading and heat insulating glass roofs. Electric ceiling curtains are one of the products used for sunshading and heat insulation of glass roofs, and there are many different types.

Electric sunshade is an electric sunshade system used in glass daylighting roofs. According to the operating principle, it can be divided into roller type ceiling curtains and folding type ceiling curtains. Among them, the roller type ceiling curtains are divided into two types: FSS roller type ceiling curtains and FTS roller type ceiling curtains; folding electric ceiling curtains are divided into: FCS folding ceiling curtains and double-track folding ceiling curtains.

FTS Rolling Ceiling Blind

1. Each system uses two contract models of FTS special tubular motors and an electronic control box;

2. The fabric needs to have greater tensile strength, generally glass fiber + PVC sunshine fabric or other high-strength fiber fabrics are used;

3. The system is a single-open mode, which can be made into parallel, arc, and trapezoidal ceiling curtains;

4. System effect: When using, the fabric is flat and tensioned;

FSS reel ceiling blind

1. The system uses a tubular motor and a set of spring system, the motor provides power, and the spring system provides rewind tension;

2. The fabric keeps tension when running or at rest;

3. When selecting fabrics, the fabrics are required to have a certain tensile strength;

4. The FSS ceiling curtain is a single-open mode, and the fabric will sag slightly when unfolded;

5. Can be made into inclined, curved or trapezoidal ceiling curtains;

FCS folding ceiling curtain

1. The system is mainly composed of three parts: transmission mechanism, fabric and controller;

2. Transmission mode: use wire rope transmission, low noise

3. Guiding system: guide rail or steel wire rope;

4. Fabric selection: ordinary roller blind fabric;

5. Effect: After fully unfolded, it will show a wave effect;

Double track folding ceiling curtain

1. It can be made by Jialisi mechanism motor or 68 silent ceiling curtain motor, with an electric guide rail installed on both sides of the ceiling curtain;

2. According to the size of the area, one, two or four motors can be used;

3. The crawler drive mode is adopted, and the motor speed is the same to ensure the opening and closing synchronization of the ceiling curtain;

4. The horizontal connecting rods between the fabrics have a certain degree of flexibility to provide support for the fabrics and ensure that the fabrics will not fall;

5. After the ceiling curtain is unfolded, it presents a uniform wave or flat effect, and the operation mode can be single or double opening;

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