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Changsha Greenland Luhu County Project

Name:Changsha Greenland Luhu County Project

Address:Meixi Lake Quanshui Road, Yuelu District, Changsha City

Product:Motorized roller

Area:About 1500㎡


The Greenland Luhu County Project is located at the origin of the golden axis of Meixi Lake Phase I and Phase II. It is the core hinterland of Meixi Lake. It is surrounded by about 5,200 acres of Elephant Trunk Nest Forest Park (derived from the Yuelu Mountain Range) and is a pure low-density forest TOP system. Mansion community. With the design concept of "Hidden", create a minimalist art villa in the mountains.

The green space Luhu County Art Exhibition Hall combines the architectural mountain park landscape with a panoramic floor-to-ceiling window design to create a panoramic view. The landscape resources are as close to life as possible, and more natural light is absorbed. Taking into account the summer heat, it is equipped with electric shading products for shading. Insulation. The sunshade project of this project was undertaken by Hunan Zhibo, which adopts the design of electric roller shutters, and includes high-window electric roller shutters (about 12 meters in height). The project has been completed.

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