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Dongguan Daling Songshan Lake Country Garden External Shading Project

Name:Dongguan Daling Songshan Lake Country Garden External Shading Project

Address:Songshan Lake, Dongguan City

Product:Outer shade roller curtain

Area:The shading area is more than 6000 square meters


Songhu Country Garden is located on the bank of Songshan Lake in Dongguan City, with a good community environment. Songhu Country Garden’s main construction area is about 90-140 square meters, non-rough three-bedroom and four-bedroom modern viewing bungalows, adopting five-layer crystal three-dimensional garden architecture design, Dongguan Metro R1 and R2 meet at Songhu, R1 line via Songshanhu Station and Shenzhen Metro Line 6 is connected, Songshan Lake Passenger Station, about 130 times a day directly to major cities in the Pearl River Delta, creative life city terminal, shuttle bus directly to Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hong Kong and other major airport transportation facilities.

The external shading project of this project was undertaken by Hunan Zhibo, and the project has been completed.

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