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Friends come from afar-welcome brother companies to visit and exchange

Date: 2020-10-20 Author: admin From: 智博官网 View: 346

With the deepening of market development and the strengthening of cooperative relations, the relationship between customers and Hunan Zhibo has become increasingly close, and the circle of friends of Hunan Zhibo Sunshade is constantly expanding. On the morning of October 17th, a number of well-known business representatives in the industry visited our company for inspection and experience exchange. General Manager Tang Zhijiao led the core team to warmly welcome the delegation, share friendship with the guests and draw a blueprint for cooperation and development.


At the meeting, the entrepreneurs introduced their respective enterprises and conducted matchmaking discussions on their respective industrial projects. This exchange and conference has enhanced the friendship between Zhibo and the brother companies. Both parties have realized that there are management methods and innovative ideas that are worth learning from each other, and look forward to more exchange opportunities in the future, seeking complementary advantages, Mutual benefit and promote common progress.

In the era of sharing economy, win-win cooperation has become the trend of future development. Hunan Zhibo and various brother companies have reached a good tacit understanding in the long-term cooperation, and the cooperation has achieved remarkable results. In the next step, Hunan Zhibo hopes to continue to give play to its own advantages, increase cooperation, expand the scope of cooperation, and promote the high-quality development of both companies. Create a new situation of information exchange, resource sharing, and win-win cooperation.

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