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Electric ceiling blinds allow you to cover the sky with one click

Date: 2020-05-19 Author: Zhibo From: Zhibo official website View: 671

In our lives, the use of electric ceiling curtains is more and more popular with everyone. When encountering the need to do large-area shading measures, it is necessary to use advanced and flexible systems to operate. The following introduces several common electric ceiling curtains, mainly FTS ceiling curtains, FSS ceiling curtains, FCS ceiling curtains, etc. Let Hunan Zhibo take you to understand them together.

1. FTS ceiling curtain:

FTS consists of two FTS motors and an electronic control box. The running tension of the FTS system can be adjusted and the fabric can always be kept tight. It can avoid the application limitations of the traditional sunshade system due to the effect of the gravity of the fabric. It is especially suitable for various forms Shading of glass roofs, such as: horizontal, inclined roof, arc roof, sky glass roof, etc.

2. FSS ceiling curtain:

 FSS roll-type ceiling blinds, namely single-motor elastic mechanism ceiling blinds, this system is designed for horizontal or inclined sunshade systems, suitable for curved, inclined or horizontal glass ceilings. It is mainly composed of a tubular motor and an elastic tension system. The fabric has been subjected to tension. One end of the mechanism uses a tubular series motor and the other end is a spring mechanism. The fabric always remains flat during the ceiling retracting process.

3. FCS ceiling curtain:

 FCS ceiling curtains are folded when closed, and wavy when unfolded. The FCS ceiling curtain system is mainly composed of three parts: transmission mechanism, fabric and control system. Because the tension of the mechanism is relatively small, ordinary roller blind fabrics can be used. The shading fabric stretches neatly on the lighting roof like a wave, and the layers of the fabric are folded to reflect a strong three-dimensional effect, giving people a strong visual artistic impact. The scope of application is inclined or horizontal glass ceiling. The scope of application is wide.

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