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【Case·Sharing】Changde College of Arts and Sciences External Shading Project

Date: 2020-05-18 Author: Zhibo From: Zhibo website View: 468

Project Name: Changde Arts and Science School External Shading Project

Project address: Wuling District, Changde City, Hunan Province

Products used: single motor outdoor fabric canopy

Project Overview:

Hunan University of Arts and Science is abbreviated as Hunan University of Arts and Science. It is located in Changde, a historical and cultural city in northwestern Hunan. The school is a full-time general higher education school organized by the Hunan Provincial People's Government and jointly established by Hunan Province and Changde City. It has been identified as the national "Industry-Education Integration Project" "Applied undergraduate planning colleges and universities", selected as the National University Student Cultural Quality Education Base, "Hunan Province 2011 Plan", in 2017, it was determined by the Hunan Provincial Department of Education as a new master's degree granting project

The glass roof sunshade of Changde College of Arts and Science uses the single-motor outdoor fabric canopy of Zhibo products. A total of 500 square meters, 24 sets. The project was undertaken by Hunan Zhibo and has now been completed.

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